Poems For the Loss of a Loved One

Poetry reading at a funeral can be a comfort to those suffering from the poems loss of  loved one. The poets have the gift of being able to use words to express the feelings of the divine heart to give, and many of the most famous poets in history have used their talents to write about death and dying. Some poems about loss on the death can be dark, with emphasis on the fate of death and pain of bereavement. Others, however, to express sympathy for those who suffer, while offering comfort and inspiration from the hope of life after death.

It is certainly an element of subjectivity in the evaluation of poetry, and can vary considerably, the impact of poetry, according to people who hear or read. However, there are some famous poems is particularly suitable for reading at funerals and for each stage of grief after losing a loved one.

One of the poems about loss that I would recommend is  The Christian dies, its soul  by Alexander Pope. This poem is approaching death to the prospect of death, and is sufficiently small to read comfortably in a mourning ceremony. Enter a description of a conflict in which he died. The physical body falls apart, while the immortal soul that wants to continue to express life. The dead man suffered from uncertainty about what this new experience. Because the sense of sight and hearing ebb away, the gate will open heaven and a new version of the discovery of food. The poem ends with the immortal soul of the deceased, a triumph, almost mocking proclamation of victory over death.

It can provide another poem to comfort those who lost a loved one,  he added The Reaper and the Flowers  by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Death is a reaper gathers the flowers of the land described. The Reaper is not vengeful or vindictive, and can benefit from this disaster. Instead, he is an angel, is loaded with the signals of the earth where the Lord of heaven was once a child to collect. The work of the machine is easy, and he leans over and kisses the leaves collected from the flowers before the tender, are transplanted, and is not intended for disposal, but in a celestial kingdom. This poem about loss has a wonderful message that there is a sense of value and purpose of our dead.

Although these poems about a loss have already mentioned my personal favorite, for the period of mourning,  No Coward Soul is mine  by Emily Bronte deserve an honorable mention for bringing our attention to immortality. It is a poem that offers comfort with the emphasis on eternal life.

If misery loves company, sometimes people with deep regret, can find comfort in poetry, which focuses exclusively on the pain of confrontation with death.
O Death, Rock Me Asleep  of Anne Boleyn describes the despair and fear of an inmate awaiting execution. In  Grief  Percy Bysshe Shelley has empathy with those who weep, but on the absolute happiness then.


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